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built to cooperate. Internet technologies with a pleasure developments redistributes funds.
Foseh Foundation

This foundation is non-profit organization ready to cooperate with people who kindly like services built to comfort life. Redistributes funds from main economic project by internet technologies


First web state on internet. Creating economic and law stability to users and provides the best products and services with lowest possible prices.The best brokering services supported with a pleasure


Multimedia internet company provides auctions, directory of companies, internet searching, advertisment, tv programs, internet meetings, conferencial communications, discounts, IT developments

General Energetics

Electricity supplier which can provide average electric energy for free to our partners. This project has been created by in cooperation with where Foseh is redistributes funds

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About enterprise

since November 2017
d-corp Enterprise is corporate business

from the beginning of its inception, has devoted several projects that improve living standards: Charity project: FOSEH, Social project: as the first web state in the world that offers financial benefits to its members, Economic project: Energy General Energy Company, the d-base multimedia company as your personal database at www. ,. Cultural project: supporting sports events and their development as well as other projects related to the development of cultural events with our d-corped worldmark brand.

  • Charity project
  • Social project
  • Ekonomic project
  • Culturic project


Prove that you have real aliens working for you, with some nice looking profile pictures and links to social media.
Erik Taraba
Erik Taraba
General Director
The enterprise and its objectives are directly focused on services that brings together in a cooperative way a unique and comprehensive solution of social and economic structures aimed at the common use of these possibilities to the partners involved in it. Every person connected to our system can be sure that his voice will be heard and company will find something to make him happy and gratified. We are making better future everywhere. Sincerely
Martin Melocík
Martin Melocík
Head Manager
Our company can secure the lowest prices from food, electronics and energy. Together with our managers, we professionally consult and equip our products and services in the best quality and price. Our common goal is to save our partners especially time and money. The more we contribute to the foundation that we will decide together where we use them. I invite you to our system to successfully use our solutions through this portal. Sincerely
Matúš Martinický
Matúš Martinický
Human Resources
We are helping to our partners achieve a better standard of living through our system, which will provide them with better financial and social conditions. The company is committed to achieving a high level of cooperation and trustworthiness between our employees and our partners. We will be glad to cooperate with you, so I cordially invite you to join us! Sincerely
Adrián Blaško
Adrián Blaško
Head Supervisor
we put a stop to the satisfaction of our employees, but we also demand a discipline of agreed terminals. in collective cooperation, and we have been able to achieve good results that will be satisfactory to us as a company and also well appreciated for our employees. we are looking forward to our cooperation. Sincerely

We are working so hard on your better life situation. You can be sure that all we are doing is fun, but not always because sometimes its really hard to enforce our solutions at once. If you like to boost up yourself with awesome looking projects, then only you need is you and nice drag-and-drop system of your hands to build your registration. Our projects comes compatible with everyone and building more time to you and your loved ones and creates nicer and free world around and we are doing it with pleasure.

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  • Free Webstate Memebership
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  • Free d-base Platinum 1 year
  • Free energy 1 year
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  • Free d-base Platinum 3 years
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  • Corporate Memebership
  • Free d-base Platinum
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